ALPS-II Plate 10 mm / L 131 mm 11 holes

Code: 44.10.11

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    44.10.11 ALPS-II Plate 10 mm / L 131 mm 11 holes 131mm - 11 holes

    • Additional Information The plate accomodates KYON Locking Screws (KLS) in locking and non-locking mode (KLS with bead) in all holes. Dedicated compression holes are present at the second hole at each side of the plate. The plate is designed to allow contouring in all planes to optimally match the anatomy.
    • Brand KYON
    • Product Line ALPS® Product Range, ALPS® Technology, ALPS® Technology
    • System ALPS-II, ALPS-II
    • Product Size Size 10
    • Width 10mm
    • Length 131mm - 11 holes, 131mm - 11 holes, 131mm - 11 holes
    • Shape Straight, Straight
    • Material Titanium, Titanium
    • Screw (Ø) Compatibility KLS Ø 3.0mm with bead, KLS Ø 4.0mm, KLS Ø 4.0mm
    • Competitor Equivalent Size 3.5mm DCP
    • ALPS-II/IIS Compatibility Size 10, Size 10, Size 10
    • Application Acetabulum, Femur, Femur, Humerus, Humerus, Radius, Radius, Tibia, Tibia, Ulna
    • Patient Medium Dog (18-27kg), Medium Dog (18-27kg)
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