ALPS-IIS Plate Size 11

Code: 47.11.0000

ALPS-IIS Plate Size 11  (various lengths)
Order Details
    Product Code X Image Name X Variant
    47.11.06 ALPS-IIS Plate 11 mm L 77.5 mm 6-holes L78mm (6ho)
    47.11.08 ALPS-IIS Plate 11 mm L 103 mm 8-holes L103mm (8ho)
    47.11.10 ALPS-IIS Plate 11 mm L 129 mm 10-holes L129mm (10ho)
    47.11.12 ALPS-IIS Plate 11 mm L 155.5 mm 12-holes L156mm (12ho)
    47.11.14 ALPS-IIS Plate 11 mm L 181.5 mm 14-holes L182mm (14ho)
    47.11.16 ALPS-IIS Plate 11 mm L 207 mm 16-holes L207mm (16ho)
    47.11.18 ALPS-IIS Plate 11 mm L 233.5 mm 18-holes L233mm (18ho)

    The plate accomodates KYON Locking Screws (KLS) in locking and non-locking mode (KLS with bead) in all holes. Dedicated compression holes are present at the second hole at each side of the plate. The plate is designed to allow contouring in all planes to optimally match the anatomy. ALPS-IIS is made of titanium alloy to increase its strength. It is ideal for repairs requiring extra strength or where double plating is not feasible.

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