B-Locking Screw Ø 2.4mm

Code: 05.15.0000

B-Locking Screw Ø2.4 mm / L 5 mm, T6
Order Details

    • Brand KYON, KYON
    • System ALPS-I, ALPS-I
    • Screw Type B-Locking Screws
    • Product Size 2.4mm, 2.4mm
    • Screw Recess Size T6 (Compatible with Torx), T6 (Compatible with Torx)
    • Diameter 2.4mm, 2.4mm
    • Material Titanium Alloy, Titanium Alloy
    • Coating Anodized
    • Screw (Ø) Compatibility B-Locking Ø 2.4mm, B-Locking Ø 2.4mm
    • ALPS-I Compatibility Size 5, Size 5, Size 6.5, Size 6.5
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