KLS Bead Ø3.5 mm / Ø2.5 mm

Code: 39.35.25

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    39.35.25 KLS Bead Ø3.5 mm / Ø2.5 mm Bead

    • Additional Information The bead allows to modify a KYON Locking Screw (KLS) to a non-locking screws to allow for variable angle angulation (±30° longitudinal and ±5° transvers swivel) and compression.
    • Brand KYON
    • Product Line ALPS® Product Range
    • System ALPS-II, ALPS-IIS, Distal Humerus
    • Diameter 3.5mm
    • Inner Diameter 2.0mm
    • Material Titanium Alloy
    • Screw (Ø) Compatibility KLS Ø 2.5mm with bead
    • ALPS-II/IIS Compatibility Size 9
    • Distal Humerus Compatibility Size 10

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