Positioner / set for the operating table

Code: 02.60.0000

Order Details
    Product Code X Image Name X Variant
    02.60.01 Positioner SET BOM for the operating table (02.60.01) 11 pc. Table
    02.60.02 Positioner rod Rod
    02.60.03 Positioner bar x-short L 50 Bar XS
    02.60.04 Positioner bar short L100 Bar S
    02.60.05 Positioner bar medium L 140 Bar M
    02.60.06 Positioner bar long L 160 Bar L
    02.60.07 Hex key L-wrenche L-Wrenche
    02.60.08 Positioner screw M10x16 Screw
    02.60.09 Positioner knob Knob
    02.60.10 Positioner pad holder Pad Holder
    02.60.11 Positioner plate Plate
    02.60.12 Positioner bar L 80 Bar XL
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