Spherical cup reamer ø24 mm / by machine

Code: 02.14.24

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    02.14.24 Spherical cup reamer ø24 mm / by machine Reamer

    • Brand KYON
    • Technology Zurich Cementless
    • Diameter 24mm
    • Material Stainless Steel
    • Coating Titaniumnitrite (TiN)
    • THR Cup Size (OD/ID) Compatibility 26.5mm/19mm, 26.5mm/16mm, 29.5mm/19mm, 29.5mm/ Dual Mobility, 32.5mm/19mm, 32.5mm/ Dual Mobility, 34.5mm/26mm, 36.5mm/26mm, 38.5mm/26mm
    • THR Stem Compatibility 8mm (Standard XS), 8mm (Standard S), 8mm (Standard L), 8mm (Giant XL), 9mm (Giant XXL)

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